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2022 Recital Info


When: Saturday 5/7, Sunday 5/8
Where: Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forest Street, Roswell 30075 Tickets: on sale online Saturday, 4/16

Dress Rehearsal Schedule 

In 2020-2021 our dancers persevered and bloomed despite many challenges and setbacks. Not without its own challenges, 2021-2022 has been a year of resurgence. We have seen more performances, a full year of in person classes, full audiences and the lobby re-open. The determination and resilience of our students is inspirational and it has been a joy to see them continue to grow and thrive.

2021-2022 has also been a year of adjustment and transformation. In January, we had a change in management as Neta stepped back to be the primary caregiver for her sister and Virginia stepped into a new role as director. In May of 2022 we will have our largest class of graduating seniors in our 14 years of business. Many of these seniors have been with us since early elementary school and we are so blessed to have been able to be a part of their lives for so long. Join us as we observe firsthand the Legacy that these exceptional women are passing on to those who follow in their footsteps. Before you know it, your tiny dancer will be leaving their legacy too.

When: on sale Saturday, April 16th at 10am from Dance Recital Ticketing (Links to purchase tickets will be sent out on Friday 4/15 to all accounts that are current by 10am that day). Dancers will not be permitted to perform in the recital (even if tickets have been purchased) if the account is not paid in full by 5/2.

Price: $12/each. Price will increase to $15/each on 5/7.

Seating: Each family will have the ability to purchase up to 6 tickets to their assigned show between 4/16- 4/29. On 4/30 at 10am any remaining tickets will be available for purchase. Children ages 3 and younger may sit on laps.

Dress Rehearsal:

Dress rehearsals will be held at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center Monday 5/2-Thursday 5/5. Dress rehearsals are mandatory. If your child does not rehearse with their class on stage, they will not be permitted to perform in the recital. Performing in a different setting, with stage lights, and no studio mirror can be disorienting. Dress rehearsal is the dancer’s only opportunity to practice in the performance space and can greatly reduce performance anxiety. Being aware of entrances and exits is a safety concern and those traffic patterns need rehearsed with the class.
The CALL TIME is the time that your dancer needs to be inside the theater in full costume/hair/make-up ready to go on stage. We run a tight schedule, so please allow sufficient travel time to Roswell. If there is a medical reason (illness or injury) that prevents your child from attending dress rehearsal, a doctor’s note is required.
Once you arrive at the theater for dress rehearsal, please go directly into the audience and have your child sit with their classmates. Your child’s instructor will come and get them when it is their turn to go on stage. Dress rehearsal is the best opportunity for the dancers to be able to watch the other classes perform and gets them excited for their turn on stage. If your child has more than one dance on a dress rehearsal day or during a

recital, they should change in the dressing room on the left side of the lobby. The Company Dancer dressing room is on the right side of the lobby.
Videotaping is allowed during rehearsal, but not during the recital. Flash photography is never permitted as it is dangerous and distracting for the performers.

DROP-OFF/PICK UP (Recital Day)
*ALL dancers will be part of our FINALE and must remain for the entirety of the show* (approx. 1 hour)

Our shows will be an hour and 15min or less. Parents will not be able to pick up their dancer until after the program is complete to avoid disruption during the show and to give all the performers a full audience.

Drop Off:

Dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to their show time fully dressed and ready for the show. Company dancers should arrive 1 hour prior to show time.
Check your dancer in with the DMA staff member at the front of the hallway to the left of the lobby (just past the restrooms). Only volunteers/staff will be permitted to accompany dancers back into the dressing room. Before checking your dancer in, please be sure they have gone to the restroom and leave all belongings with you. Male dancers can change in the lobby bathroom and then a DMA staff member will escort them to join the other male dancers backstage.

Pick Up:

After the show, one parent should make their way to the front of the hallway to the left of the lobby (where they were dropped off) to sign their dancer out.

Practice Videos & Costume Details:

All recital choreography will be finished prior to Spring Break (4/4-4/9). Instructors have already started uploading videos for students to practice with on the DMA Dancer Band. If you have not yet joined Band, you can so do here

Each instructor has an album with videos ‘Instructor Name Recital Videos’.
Costume details for each class will be emailed as well as attached to your costume bag when costumes are handed out. These costume details can also be located in your parent portal after Spring Break – go to your child’s class, select the ‘RESOURCES’ tab, and click ‘VIEW’.

Dance Photos:

Individual dance portraits in recital costumes are available free of charge. You will be able to download your digital negatives from Smug Mug for $1.50.
Dance portraits will be held at the studio the week after recital (5/9-5/14) during your child’s regular class time. Please arrive a few minutes before your class time dressed in costume with hair/makeup done.

*See next 6 pages for Recital Performance Order

SHOW A Saturday, 5/7 @ 11:00am

Dance & Music Academy

Call time to arrive at theater 10:30am

1. Legacy (Ensemble1,Ensemble 2 Emerald, Junior 2 Opal)
2. Little Mice (Ms.Cecilia, Saturday 9:45, PK3 Ballet/Tap)
3. Express Yourself (Ms.Cynthia, Thursday 3:30, Primary I Jazz)
4. I Have Nothing (Ms.Kelsey, Elite Senior Lyrical)
5. The Light (Ms.Cecilia, Shining Star Ballet)
6. Miss You Much (Ms.Whitney, Junior 2 Opal Jazz)
7. Depth Over Distance (Ms.Kristen, Intermediate Senior Contemporary)

8. Montéedes Tensions (Ms.Natalie, Ensemble 1 Ballet)
9. It's Oh So Quiet (Ms.Cynthia, Thursday 4:15, Kinder Ballet/Jazz)

10. You are the Glow (Ms. Cecilia, Saturday 10:30, PK4 Ballet/Tap)

11. Free Woman (Ms. Cynthia, Ensemble 2 Emerald Jazz)
12. Diamond in the Sun (Ms. Monica, Tuesday 5:00, Tap 1)
13. Stole the Show (Ms. Kristen, Ensemble 1 Contemporary)
14. Mambo Remix (Ms. Cynthia, Shining Star Jazz)
15. Wedding Flowers (Ms. Jayme, Monday 3:30, Primary I Ballet)
16. The Other Side (Ms. Cynthia, Monday 4:15, Hip Hop/Tumble)

17. Isalamey Polka (Ms. Virginia, Junior 2 Opal Ballet)
18. Time (Ms. Katie, Elite Senior Contemporary)
19. Finale

SHOW B Saturday 5/7 @ 1:00pm

Dance & Music Academy

Call Time to arrive at theater 12:30pm

1. Legacy (Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2 Emerald, Middle 2)
2. Valse Royale (Ms.Virginia, Shooting Star B Ballet)
3. Lollipop (Ms.Cecilia, Wednesday 3:30, Kinder Ballet/Tap)
4. Faust (Ms.Jayme, Monday 4:15, Primary II Ballet)
5. Noisemaker (Ms.Kristen, Middle 2 Jazz)
6. All That Matters (Ms.Virginia, Junior Novice Lyrical Competition)
7. Tightrope (Ms.Cynthia, Wednesday 4:15, Acro 2)
8. Dance of the Swans (Ms.Jayme, Monday 8:00, Junior/Teen Ballet)
9. Dona Nobis Pacem (Ms.Whitney, Middle 2 Modern)
10. A You're Adorable (Ms. Neta, Tuesday 3:30, PK4 Ballet/Tap)
11. All That Jazz (Ms. Kelsey, Ensemble 1 Jazz)
12. Baby (Ms. Cecilia, Tuesday 3:30, Hip Hop/Tumble)
13. Holupwait (Ms. Vera, Wednesday 6:15, Junior/Teen Hip Hop)
14. Been a Long Day (Ms. Kristen, Wednesday 8:15, Junior Int. Contemporary)

15. Respect (Ms. Kelsey, Shooting Star B Jazz)
16. Voice of God (Ms. Kelsey, Senior Solo)
17. Bring the Funk Back (Ms. Monica, Tuesday 7:00, Tap 3)
18. How Will I Know (Ms. Kristen, Ensemble 2 Emerald Contemporary)
19. Disco (Ms. Kristen, Junior Novice Jazz Competition)
20. When She Loved Me (Ms. Kristen, Petite Novice Lyrical Competition)
21. Dryads (Ms. Gwynn, Middle 2 Ballet)
22. Finale

SHOW C Saturday, 5/7 @ 4:00pm

Dance & Music Academy

Call time to arrive at theater 3:30pm

1. Legacy (Ensemble1, Ensemble 2 Emerald, Junior 1)
2. Happy (Ms.Cynthia, Wednesday 10:00, PK3 Ballet/Tap)
3. Rhythm Nation (Ms.Vera, Monday 4:30, Primary I Jazz)
4. Closure (Senior Solo, Self Choreographed)
5. We Belong (Ms.Katie, Competition Contemporary)
6. Snow White (Ms.Cynthia, Friday 10:15, PK3/PK4 Ballet/tap)
7. How WillI Know (Ms.Kristen, Ensemble 2 Emerald Contemporary)

8. What's In MyTub? (Ms.Virginia, Mini Novice Jazz Competition)
9. Green Light (Ms.Monica,Tap2)
10. Pon De Replay (Ms. Cynthia, Wednesday 3:30, Acro 1)

11. Cupcake Cuties (Ms. Kelsey, Petite Novice Jazz Competition)

12. Free Woman (Ms. Cynthia, Ensemble 2 Emerald Jazz)
13. When I Grow Up (Ms. Neta, Tuesday 4:15, PK3 Ballet/Tap)

14. Naiads (Ms. Gwynn, Junior 1 Ballet)
15. A Dream (Ms. Cecilia, Thursday 4:30, Primary I Ballet)
16. River (Ms. Monica, Upbeat Tap Company)
17. 9 to 5 (Ms. Cecilia, Saturday 11:15, Kinder Ballet/Tap)
18. Hard Sometimes (Ms. Kristen, Senior Solo)
19. Chasing Cars (Ms. Kelsey, Competition Contemporary)
20. Feels So Good (Ms. Kristen, Junior 1 Jazz)
21. Sirens (Ms. Gwynn, Ensemble 2 Emerald Ballet)
22. Stole The Show (Ms. Kristen, Ensemble 1 Contemporary)
23. Finale

SHOW D Saturday, 5/7 @ 6:00pm

Dance & Music Academy

Call time to arrive at theater 5:30pm

1. Legacy (Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2 Sapphire, Middle 1)
2. The Glow (Ms.Cecilia, Thursday 3:45, PK4 Ballet/Tap)
3. We Have it All (Ms.Whitney, Wednesday 8:15, Junior/Teen Lyrical)
4. Waltz of the Cornflowers (Ms.Virginia, Shooting Star A Ballet)
5. Na Na Na (Ms.Monica,Upbeat Tap Company)
6. The Wonder Emporium (Ms.Cynthia, Middle 1 Modern)
7. How Deep is Your Love? (Ms.Whitney, Monday 7:00, Junior/Teen Jazz)

8. Stole the Show (Ms.Kristen, Ensemble 1 Contemporary)
9. Bugle Boy (Ms.Kelsey, Junior Intermediate Jazz Competition)
10. I Say a Little Prayer (Ms. Cynthia, Tuesday 3:30, Kinder Ballet/Tap)
11. Mood (Ms. Whitney, Middle 1 Jazz)
12. She Used to be Mine (Ms. Kelsey, Teen Advanced Lyrical Competition)

13. At the Circus (Ms. Virginia, Wednesday 3:30, Acro 3)
14. Dreams (Ms. Cynthia, Tuesday 6:00, Acro 5/6)
15. Uptown Funk (Ms. Monica, Tap 4)
16. You Make My Dreams (Ms. Monica, Thursday 5:15, Primary I & II Tap)

17. Indestructible (Ms. Katie, Teen Advanced Contemporary Competition)

18. Don't Rain on My Parade (Ms. Kelsey, Shooting Star A Jazz)

19. Versailles (Mrs. Natalie, Middle 1 Ballet)
20. Benny and the Jets (Senior Solo, Self Choreographed)
21. Cha Cha (Ms. Kelsey, Ensemble 2 Sapphire Jazz)
22. Finale

SHOW E Sunday, 5/8 @ 3:00pm

Dance & Music Academy

Call time to arrive at theater 2:30pm

  1. Legacy (Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2 Sapphire, Middle 1)

  2. A Million Dreams (Ms. Kelsey, Thursday 5:30, Primary II Lyrical)

  3. Makin' Moves (Ms. Vera, Monday 5:15, Primary I Hip Hop)

  4. Shine (Ms. Kristen, Junior Intermediate Lyrical Competition)

  5. Mood (Ms. Whitney, Middle 1 Jazz)

  6. My Way Home (Ms. Kristen, Ensemble 2 Sapphire Contemporary)

  7. The Days (Competition Lyrical)

  8. All That Jazz (Ms. Kelsey, Ensemble 1 Jazz)

  9. Rain on Me (Ms. Whitney, All Star Jazz)

  10. Cha Cha (Ms. Kelsey, Ensemble 2 Sapphire Jazz)

  11. If You're Happy and You Know It (Ms. Cynthia, Monday 3:30, PK3 Ballet/Tap)

  12. Light in Your Heart (Ms. Cecilia, Monday 3:45, PK4 Ballet/Tap)

  13. Circus Time (Ms. Virginia, Monday 4:00, Acro 3)

  14. Synchronized (Ms. Kristen, Competition Contemporary)

  15. Head Over Heels (Ms. Summer, Thursday 6:15, Acro 7/8)

  16. Butterfly Waltz (Ms. Virginia, All Star Ballet)

  17. I Can Make Your Hands Clap (Ms. Cynthia, Monday 6:00, Kinder Ballet/Jazz)

  18. Tears of an Angel (Ms. Katie, Senior Solo)

  19. Get it Girl, You Go (Ms. Virginia, Junior Intermediate Competition Jazz)

  20. Blue Danube (Ms. Natalie, Ensemble 2 Sapphire Ballet)

  21. Finale

SHOW F Sunday, 5/8 @ 5:00pm

Dance & Music Academy

Call time to arrive at theater 4:30pm

1. Legacy (Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2 Sapphire, Junior 2 Pearl)

2. Mirrors (Ms.Virginia, Rising Star Ballet)
3. Bring Em Out (Ms.Vera, Monday 6:00, Primary II Hip Hop)

4. All That Jazz (Ms.Kelsey, Ensemble 1 Jazz)

5. Cha Cha (Ms.Kelsey, Ensemble 2 Sapphire Jazz)
6. I Do My Thing (Ms.Monica, Thursday 4:15, Tap 1)
7. Le Mime (Ms.Virginia, Acro 4)
8. Rainbow (Ms.Cynthia, Friday 3:15, Hip Hop/Tumble)
9. Stole the Show (Ms.Kristen, Ensemble 1 Contemporary)

10. I Really Miss You (Ms. Whitney, Junior 2 Pearl Jazz)

11. Praying (Ms. Aarya, Senior Solo)

12. On My Own (Ms. Vera, Commercial Dance Collection)

13. Dance with Me (Ms. Cynthia, Monday 5:15, Primary II Jazz)

14. I Want to be a Rockette (Ms. Cynthia, Rising Star Jazz)
15. Let It all Go (Ms. Virginia, Competition Lyrical)
16. Montee des Tensions (Ms. Natalie, Ensemble 1 Ballet)
17. My Own Drum (Ms. Vera, Wednesday 4:30, Primary I Hip Hop)

18. Gems (Ms. Jayme, Junior 2 Pearl Ballet)
19. Senior Dance (Ms. Kelsey, 2022 Seniors)
20. Finale



DMA Dress Rehearsals @ Roswell Cultural Arts Center


Monday, 5/2

           “If You’re Happy and You Know it” - Monday 3:30 PK3 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cynthia)

“Wedding Flowers” - Monday 3:30 Primary I Ballet (Ms. Jayme)
           “Light in your Heart” - Monday 3:45 PK4 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cecilia)



         “Circus Time” - Monday 4:00 Acro 3 (Ms. Virginia)
           “The Other Side” - Monday 4:15 HHT (Ms. Cynthia)
           “Faust” - Monday 4:15 Primary II Ballet (Ms. Jayme)
           “Rhythm Nation” - Monday 4:30 Primary I Jazz (Ms. Vera)


            “Waltz of Cornflowers” - Shooting Star A Ballet (Ms. Virginia)
           “Gems” - Junior 2 Pearl Ballet (Ms. Jayme)


           “Little Mice” - Saturday 9:45 PK3 Ballet/tap (Ms. Cecilia)
           “Makin’ Moves” - Monday 5:15 Primary I Hip Hop (Ms. Vera)
           “You are the Glow” - Saturday 10:30 PK4 Ballet/tap (Ms. Cecilia)


           “9 to 5” - Saturday 11:15 Kinder Ballet/tap
           “Don’t Rain on my Parade” - Shooting Star A Jazz (Ms. Kelsey)
           “Dance With Me” - Monday 5:15 Primary II Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)


           “I Really Miss You” - Junior 2 Pearl Jazz (Ms. Whitney)
           “I Can Make Your Hands Clap” - Monday 6:00 Kinder Ballet/Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)
           “Bring ‘em Out” - Monday 6:00 Primary II Hip Hop (Ms. Vera)


            “Cha Cha” - Ensemble 2 Sapphire Jazz (Ms. Kelsey)
           “How Deep Is Your Love” - Monday 7:00 Junior/Teen Jazz (Ms. Whitney)


            “Blue Danube” - E2 Sapphire Ballet (Ms. Natalie)
           “Dance of the Swans” - Monday 8:00 – Junior/Teen Ballet (Ms. Jayme)                 



Tuesday, 5/3



“Rainbow” – Friday 3:30 Hip Hop/Tumble (Ms. Cynthia)
           “Baby” – Tuesday 3:30 Hip Hop/Tumble (Ms. Cecilia)

“A You’re Adorable” – Tuesday 3:30 PK4 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Neta)
“Snow White” – Friday 10:15 PK3 & PK4 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cynthia)



            “I Say a Little Prayer” – Tuesday 3:30 Kinder Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cynthia)

            “The Light” – Shining Star Ballet (Ms. Cecilia)

“When I Grow Up” – Tuesday 4:15 PK3 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Neta)



“Naiads” – Junior 1 Ballet (Ms. Gwynn)

            “Mambo Remix” – Shining Star Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)

“Diamond In The Sun” – Tuesday 5:00 Tap 1 (Ms. Monica)


           “Green Light” – Tuesday 6:00 Tap 2 (Ms. Monica)

“Dreams” – Tuesday 6:00 Acro 5/6 (Ms. Cynthia)

            “Dryads” – Middle 2 Ballet (Ms. Gwynn)

           Company Opener: Ensemble 1 & Ensemble 2 Emerald


            Company Opener: Junior 2 Opal, Junior 1, Middle 2, Ensemble 2 Emerald & Ensemble 1


“Bring the Funk Back” – Tuesday 7:00 Tap 3 (Ms. Monica)
“Montée des Tensions” – Ensemble 1 Ballet (Ms. Natalie)
Upbeat Tap Co. (Ms. Monica)

Wednesday, 5/4



“Happy” – Wednesday 10:00am PK3 Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cynthia)
“Lollipop” – Wednesday 3:30pm Kinder Ballet/tap (Ms. Cecilia)
“Pon De Replay” – Wednesday 3:30pm Acro 1 (Ms. Cynthia)
“At the Circus” - Wednesday 3:30 Acro 3 (Ms. Virginia)



“Tightrope” – Wednesday 4:15pm Acro 2 (Ms. Cynthia)
           “Mirrors” – Rising Star Ballet (Ms. Virginia)

“My Own Drum” – Wednesday 4:30 Primary I Hip Hop (Ms. Vera)
“Isalamey Polka” – Junior 2 Opal Ballet (Ms. Virginia)



“I Want to be a Rockette” – Rising Star Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)

“Feels so Good” – Junior 1 Jazz (Ms. Kristen)

            “Miss you Much” – Junior 2 Opal Jazz (Ms. Whitney)

“Sirens” – Ensemble 2 Emerald Ballet (Ms. Gwynn)



“Rain on me” – All Star Jazz (Ms. Whitney)

“Holupwait” – Wednesday 6:15 Junior/Teen Hip Hop (Ms. Vera)
“Free Woman” – Ensemble 2 Emerald Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)
“Dona Nobis Pacem” – Middle 2 Modern (Ms. Whitney)



“Butterfly Waltz” – All Star Ballet (Ms. Virginia)
“Mood” – Middle 1 Jazz (Ms. Whitney)
“How Will I know” – Ensemble 2 Emerald (Ms. Kristen)
“On My Own” – Commercial Dance Collection (Ms. Vera)



            “The Wonder Emporium” – Middle 1 Modern (Ms. Cynthia)
           “We Have It All” – Wednesday 8:15 Junior/Teen Lyrical (Ms. Whitney)

            “Noisemaker” – Middle 2 Jazz (Ms. Kristen)

            “Been a Long Day” – Wednesday 8:15 Junior Contemporary (Ms. Kristen)



Thursday, 5/5


            “Express Yourself”  – Thursday 3:30pm Primary 1 Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)

            “The Glow” - Thursday 3:45pm  PK4 - Ballet/Tap (Ms. Cecilia)



            “It’s Oh So Quiet” – Thursday 4:15pm Kinder Ballet/Jazz (Ms. Cynthia)

            “Le Mime” – Thursday 4:15pm Acro 4 (Ms. Virginia)

            “A Dream” – Thursday 4:30pm Primary I Ballet (Ms. Cecilia)

“I Do My Thing” – Thursday 4:15pm Tap 1 (Ms. Monica)



            “A Million Dreams” – Thursday 5:30pm Primary II Lyrical (Ms. Kelsey)

            “You Make My Dreams” – Thursday 5:15pm Primary I & II Tap (Ms. Monica)

“Valse Royale” – Thursday 5:15pm Shooting Star B Ballet (Ms. Virginia)



            “Head Over Heels” – Thursday 6:15pm Acro 7/8 (Ms. Summer & Ms. Virginia)

“Respect” – Thursday 6:15pm Shooting Star B Jazz (Ms. Kelsey)

            “Uptown Funk” – Thursday 6:15pm Tap 4 (Ms. Monica)



            Company Opener: Ensemble 1 & Ensemble 2 Sapphire (Ms. Kristen)



            Company Opener: Junior 2 Pearl, Middle 1, Ensemble 2 Sapphire & Ensemble 1 (Ms. Kristen)



            “Le Jazz Hot” – Monday 8:00pm Ensemble 1 Jazz (Ms. Kelsey)

            “Versailles” – Thursday 7:15pm Middle 1 Ballet (Ms. Natalie)

            “My Way Home” – Thursday 7:15pm Ensemble 2 Sapphire Contemporary (Ms. Kristen)

            “Stole the Show” – Thursday 6:15pm Ensemble 1 Contemporary (Ms. Kristen)

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