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Stay engaged and explore new styles with DMA's Invested Series.

Build your perfect summer schedule: choose from stylized, skills based and conditioning classes.

To REGISTER: select desired class on calendar below (color coded by age group) .

*Current customers should register via their parent portal.




Tuesdays in June

Lyrical & Competition Skills: Floor Tricks

Broadway Jazz & Competition Skills: Turn Variations

Jazz Funk & Competition Skills: Leg Day

Turn Technique & Competition Skills: Partner Tricks

Tuesdays in July

Contemporary Ballet & Competition Skills: Back Strength and Flexibility

Contemporary & Competition Skills: Leg Day 

Thursdays in June

Leaps/Jumps & Flex/Conditioning

Improv & Flex/Conditioning

Contemporary & Flex/Conditioning

Lyrical & Flex/Conditioning


Thursdays in July

Broadway Jazz & Flex/Conditioning

Leaps/Jumps & Flex/Conditioning

Invested (1st - 3rd)  -  Invested (4th - 5th)  -  Invested (6th - 8th)  -  Invested (9th - 12th)

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