Fairies and Friends: 

June 4-7 or July 9-12:

10am-12pm, $95

Dancing with all the wands, wings, and sparkly things! 

June 11-14 or July 16-19:

10am-12pm, $95

Dive into dance as we discover all the fun under the sea!

Rainbow Unicorn:
June 18-21 or July 23-26:

10am-12pm, $95

Magical mornings filled with all the grace and color of dance!

June 25-28 or July 23-26:

10am-12pm, $95
Dancing days will bring your favorite fairytales to life!

Ages 3-5

Attire: leotard, dance shorts, pink ballet shoes

Ages 5-7

Attire: SH - gym clothes and sneakers, YT - dance clothing and sneakers, EK - leotard, dance shorts, ballet shoes   

June 18-21 or July 16-19: 9:30am-12:30pm, $135

An action packed dance adventure with tumbling and hip hop!

YouTube Stars:
June 4-7, June 25-28, or July 23-26: 9:30am-12:30, $135

A jazz and hip hop dance party with Jojo, Mack Z, and Sophia Grace!

Enchanted Kingdom:
June 11-14 or July 9-12: 9:30am-12:30pm. $135

Ballet class, enchanted creatures, and lyrical dances will be a royal treat!

Ages 7-9

Attire: YT - dance clothing and sneakers, DI.THL - dance clothing, tap and jazz shoes, sneakers, DI.LJA -  dancing clothing, jazz shoes 

YouTube Stars:
June 11-14 12:30-3:30pm or
July 16-19: 9:30am-12:30pm, $135

A jazz and hip hop dance party with Jojo, Mack Z, and Sophia Grace! 

Dance Intensive THL:
June 18-21:12:30-3:30pm, $135

An intensive for experienced dancers wanting to improve their versatility with tap and hip hop, as well as develop leap and turn sequences to take their dancing to the next level.

Perfect for competition and star program dancers.

Dance Intensive LJA:
July 9-12:12:30-3:30pm, $135

An intensive for experienced dancers to work on their technique and performance skills in lyrical and jazz dance, as well as learn acro tricks to give them an extra edge. Perfect for competition and star program dancers.


Treat your family to Dance & Music Academy's production of The Nutcracker: Land of the Sweets. 

November 29th & 30th, 2019 at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.


Competition dancers compete at regional dance competitions throughout the Southeast. We believe in healthy competition which encourages our dancers to work hard towards the goal of being their personal best. Competition Teams are chosen through audition.


DMA is thrilled to offer performance groups to enhance the music education of its students. Not only will young musicians improve their abilities, they will have the opportunity to implement the skills they have learned during private lessons into a performance setting.