Songwriting Class

Aug-May 2019-2020

Students will tap into their creativity and learn how to write original music from the ground up. Exploring the methodology behind this elusive craft, they will examine the greatest songs of the past century and learn and implement tried and true techniques to convey their own stories and emotions through music. Topics of study will include song structure, chord progression, lyric writing, melody composition, musical arrangement, and more. Songwritting classes are one hour once a week. Tuition is an annual fee for 35 weeks of lessons payable in 10 monthly installments on the first of each month August-May. Monthly payments remain the same regardless of attendance or breaks. 

DMA Registration fee is $35 per family. See Music Lessons Makeup Policy.


Treat your family to Dance & Music Academy's production of The Nutcracker: Land of the Sweets. 

November 27th - 29th, 2020 at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.


Competition dancers compete at regional dance competitions throughout the Southeast. We believe in healthy competition which encourages our dancers to work hard towards the goal of being their personal best. Competition Teams are chosen through audition.


DMA is thrilled to offer performance groups to enhance the music education of its students. Not only will young musicians improve their abilities, they will have the opportunity to implement the skills they have learned during private lessons into a performance setting.