Dance & Music Academy’s 11th Annual Dance Recital, May 25-26
  @ The Roswell Cultural Arts Center - 950 Forrest St. Roswell, GA 30075


We are thrilled to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you! Performing in the Spring Recital is an exciting event for our dancers and the culmination of a season’s worth of work from students and teachers. We strive to produce a show that is not only entertaining, but well-organized, and enjoyable for all involved.


As a parent, being aware of when/where/and how your child should be dressed is critical to keep things running smoothly. With over 450 dance students and 90 classes, there are many moving pieces to coordinate. Our staff does their utmost to run rehearsals and performances smoothly and with a positive attitude. We are fortunate to be able to rent The Roswell Cultural Arts Center and work with the professional stage/light/sound techs from Rubicon Studios.   

  • Attendance at dress rehearsal is mandatory 

  • Account balances must be paid in full in order to purchase Recital Tickets 

  • Each family will have the opportunity to purchase up to 5 tickets during the one week pre-sale period (5/5-5/11) 

  • Any additional tickets left over can be purchased after the pre-sale (starting 5/12) 

  • NO food or drink is permitted inside RCAC during dress rehearsals 

Included here are important details regarding dress rehearsals and recitals. There are 6 different recital show times and many songs
are repeated, so it is important to read the dress rehearsal schedules and recital line ups carefully.
Please check with your child’s instructor or contact the front desk if you have any questions: (770) 924-1661,  

Share your memories with us by using #dmaturns10 #dmagreatestshow 

DRESS REHEARSAL @ The Roswell Cultural Arts Center 

All dress rehearsals are mandatory. If your child does not rehearse with their class on stage, they will not be permitted to perform in the recital. Performing in a different setting, with stage lights, and no studio mirror can be disorienting. Dress rehearsal is the dancer’s only opportunity to practice in the performance space and can greatly reduce performance anxiety. Being aware of entrances and exits is a safety concern and those traffic patterns need rehearsed with the class.  


The CALL TIME is the time that your dancer needs to be inside the theater in full costume/hair/make-up ready to go on stage. We run a tight schedule, so please allow sufficient travel time to Roswell. In addition to rehearsing their class routine, dancers will also practice finale bows with a few other classes. If there is a medical reason (illness or injury) that prevents your child from attending dress rehearsal, a doctor’s note is required. 


Once you arrive at the theater for dress rehearsal, please go directly into the audience and have your child sit with their classmates. Your child’s instructor will come and get them when it is their turn to go on stage. Dress rehearsal is the best opportunity for the dancers to be able to watch the other classes perform and gets them excited for their turn on stage. If your child has more than one dance on a dress rehearsal day or during a recital, they should change in the dressing room on the left side of the lobby. The Company Dancer dressing room is on the right side of the lobby. 


Videotaping is allowed during rehearsal, but not during the recital. Flash photography is never permitted as it is dangerous and distracting for the performers. 

RECITAL DAY @ The Roswell Cultural Arts Center

NEW FOR 2018 *ALL dancers will be part of our FINALE and must remain for the entirety of the show* (approx. 1.5 hours) 
Our shows will be an hour and a half or less. Parents will not be able to pick up their dancer until after the program is complete to avoid disruption during the show and to give all the performers a full audience. 


Drop Off: 
Dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to their show time fully dressed and ready for the show. Company dancers should arrive 1 hour prior to show time. 

Check your dancer in with the DMA staff member at the front of the hallway to the left of the lobby. Only female adults will be permitted to accompany dancers back into the dressing room. After your dancer is ready and you have checked that they do not need to use the restroom, you are to leave them in the dressing room with DMA staff members. Male dancers can change in the lobby bathroom and then a DMA staff member will escort them to join the other male dancers backstage. 

Pick Up: 
We will be bringing ALL dancers back onstage for a final bow at the close of each show. Afterwards, Company dancers will be released to return back to their dressing room. ALL OTHER DANCERS will be held on stage to be picked up by one parent. 


One parent should make their way to the front of the stage to collect their dancer where they will be waiting with their class and DMA staff. We ask that all other audience members remain in their seats for a few minutes to facilitate parents to be able to make their way down the aisles quickly.  

Dancers that are in more than one dance in a show will take part in the finale with their last class and costume of the show. 



We have changed online sales companies and will be using DANCERECITALTICKETS.COM this year. 

  • On Saturday, May 5th at 2PM, the one-week Pre-Sale for dance recital tickets will begin. You will be able to purchase a maximum of 5 tickets per show that your dancer(s) are in. Company dancers will be emailed which shows they can purchase tickets to during this pre-sale. After the one week pre-sale ends, we can no longer guarantee that you will have the ability to purchase 5 tickets to each of your child(ren)’s shows.  
    Please do not miss purchasing your tickets during the Pre-Sale week. 

  • Account balances must be PAID IN FULL prior to purchasing tickets. The final tuition payment of the school year will be charged on May 1st. Priority ticket codes for the one week pre-sale will be emailed to families on May 2nd or once account balances have been paid.  

  • After 2PM on Saturday, May 12th all unpurchased tickets will be available to the general public.  

  • All tickets have assigned seating, cannot be exchanged, and are non-refundable. 

  • Families that have to attend more than two shows to see their child(ren)’s dances will receive a 50% discount for tickets to the 3+ show. The discount will be automatically applied during the pre-sale week to the shows with tickets of equal or lesser value. If you will be attending 3+ shows need to purchase additional tickets after the pre-sale, please see the office for a special code prior to sales to the general public on May 12th.  

Recital T-Shirts 
Pre-order your 10th anniversary Recital T-Shirt! These custom shirts will only be available through pre-order. Shirts are $20 and will be available for pick up during dress rehearsal at RCAC.  
Submit your order here. Pre-orders are due by Friday, May 4th 


Avoid the rush on recital weekend and pre-order your recital flower bouquets! These beautiful arrangements will be available for pick up in the lobby on performance day. 
$10 – 3 long stem rose bouquet  
$15 – 6 long stem rose bouquet 
Submit your order here. Deadline to order Flowers – Saturday, May 19th

We are thrilled to have Blue Orchid Productions recording our Dance Recitals again this year.
DVDs are $30 and include shipment to your home in July. Additional DVDs are $20.  
Submit your order here. Deadline to order DVDs – Monday, May 28th 


Treat your family to Dance & Music Academy's production of The Nutcracker: Land of the Sweets. 

November 27th - 29th, 2020 at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.


Competition dancers compete at regional dance competitions throughout the Southeast. We believe in healthy competition which encourages our dancers to work hard towards the goal of being their personal best. Competition Teams are chosen through audition.


DMA is thrilled to offer performance groups to enhance the music education of its students. Not only will young musicians improve their abilities, they will have the opportunity to implement the skills they have learned during private lessons into a performance setting.